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Research Center for Capital Market and Corporate Finance


The Research Center for Capital Markets and Corporate Finance is committed to the research of major issues of capital markets and key trends of listed companies and provides investment and financing decision-making support and capital operation and corporate governance solutions to non-financial enterprises. The Center has nine personnel including director and chief economist, deputy director, four senior professors, three professors and one assistant professor, who are from first-rate Chinese research institutions and universities including the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and Beijing National Accounting Institute with PhD degrees and over 10 years of experience in scientific research. With the mission to "investigate listed companies and major capital markets issues", the Center has developed a series of research products for listed companies including Climate Index for China's Listed Companies, Profitability Analysis Report for Chinese Listed Companies (Quarterly) and Quality Assessment Report for Chinese Listed Companies (Quarterly), as well as extensive capital market studies including New Third Board Market Development Report (Annual).

Organizational Structure:

Director and Chief Economist: Zhang Yuewen

Deputy Director: Hu Jie

Senior Professors: Yin Zhongli, Lü Jun, He Jing

Professors: Yu Huanjun, Yao Yun, Xu Feng

Assistant Professor: Zhao Kun







Recent Development

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