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China Bond Forum


China Bond Forum is a forum jointly established by the National Institution for Finance & Development (NIFD) and First Capital Securities Co., Ltd. With the theme of China's financial reform, development and outlook under global perspectives, China Bond Forum invites senior personages from the academia and bond industry to discuss issues related to global economic and policy situations and bond market development. The forum annually publishes China Bond Market to take stock of China's bond market development and forecast its future trends in the coming year. The forum adopts "3+1" regular events, i.e. three quarterly forums in the first three quarters of each year and annual forum in the fourth quarter. The forum also releases in-depth study reports on relevant topics.

Organizational Structure:

Secretary-General and Chief Economist: Peng Xingyun

Senior Professors: Huang Guoping, Fei Zhaoqi, Zhou Liping

Distinguished Senior Professors: Gao Zhanjun, Shi Huaqiang, Li Gang



  1. Xingyun Peng

    China Bond Forum

  2. Guoping Huang

    China Bond Forum of the NIFD, CASS




Recent Development

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