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Banking Research Institute (BRI)


The BRI is primarily engaged in the research of Chinese and international banking sector policies and practices in the following fields: regulatory policy-making, regional financial developments, commercial bank transitions and innovations, among others. The BRI strives to support academic exchanges and policy dialogues between Chinese and overseas banking sectors, and provides applied research results and consultations to research organizations and commercial banks in China and abroad. The research team consists of full-time NIFD research fellows as well as distinguished research fellows from regulatory authorities, commercial banks and capital markets.

Organizational Structure:

Director: Zeng Gang

Distinguished Professors: Wang Jian, Li Qilin, Xie Wei, Luan Xi, Zhang Jiguang, Wang Yajun

Professors: Li Guangzi, Ren Mengjie



  1. Gang Zeng

    Banking Research Institute (BRI)




Recent Development

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