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Research Center for Financial Law & Regulation


Established with the mandate to help improve socialist market economic system, the center is specialized in the research of theories, policies and practice related to financial law and regulation, and provides consulting services to government departments, regulators as well as Chinese and international firms, agencies and individuals. It strives to serve as a center of theoretical research, policy consultation and academic exchanges in the field of financial law and regulation.

Website: http://www.flr-cass.org

Subscription Account: FLR Financial Supervision (flr-cass)

Organizational Structure:

Director and Chief Economist: Hu Bin

Secretary-General and Deputy Director: Yin Zhentao

Deputy Director: Zheng Liansheng




  1. Liansheng Zheng

    Research Center for Financial Law & Regulation of the NIFD, CASS

  2. Bin Hu

    Research Center for Financial Law &Regulation




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