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Research Center for Wealth Management


The center serves as an open think-tank platform that links wealth management services of financial/non-financial institutions with wealth management needs of ordinary and high net worth customers or family business owners. Its areas of research include wealth management institutions, markets and products/services. The center's publications include Wealth Management Forum monthly report series, China Wealth Management Market Development and Review series and relevant studies, such as Wealth Management Country Review. The center also hosts Wealth Management and Development Forum and other events.

Scope of Research

Supported by a database of science-based classification and in-house wealth management product evaluation and analysis system, the Center’s scope of research encompasses asset and liability management products under the supervision of CBRC, CSRC and CIRC, such as bank wealth management products, trust products, securities investment funds, stock brokers’ collective wealth management products, investment-linked insurance products and PE/VC.

Investigate the wealth management business of financial/quasi-financial institutions in relation to financial markets and macroeconomic situation.

Create a cross-market/cross-regional capital flow monitoring system from the wealth management market’s perspective.

Product system

Monthly report series: Wealth Management Forum: Financial Risks

Annual Report: China's Wealth Management Product Market Development and Assessment series

Special Survey: Market survey reports related to wealth management business

Organizational structure:

Chief economist: Yin Jianfeng

Director: Wang Zengwu

Deputy Director: Wang Boying

Distinguished Professor: Wang Qi/Zhang Kai



  1. Jianfeng Yin

    Research Center for Wealth Management





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